Make me up, Make me up- Oh, this is how you remember me..

Music/title: Schoolboy; Grouplove
_ _
There are so many firsts with you.
I feel like I’ve never been in a relationship before.
I feel like I’ve never kissed or touched another person.
Everything is so different. And even though the darkness inside me is still crawling to the surface, I see you. I see you still understanding every inch of me. I see you wanting to hold me and tell me you love me just before pushing me to the ground.
I feel sorry and sad for myself for still feeling these things, after all you’ve done and all I’ve accomplished in my life. And maybe it’ll never go away. Maybe it’s a part of me. Maybe it’s all that’s left of my childhood. But I think it’s okay…
Because you’re there.
Because you make it hurt less.
Because you are the only reason I’ve ever been able to keep in wanting my happiness.
. .. . . .
Maybe it’s not so sad after all.

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