Let me show you everything I know…


Music/title: Gooey (Giligan Moss Remix); Glass Animals
_ _

“Nothing is ever easy.”

. … .. . ..

That is the goddamn understatement of the year.

There is no manual for this shit.  There is no God telling me, “Yes. That’s good.” Or, “No, don’t do that.”  It’s just me.  It’s just me fumbling around with my past experiences, and the occasional advice from others. I don’t know what’s right from wrong anymore than the next person.

What I do know is how I feel.  I try to empathize with others, but what the fuck do I know.
Absolutely fucking nothing, that’s what..

[ I am so sick of this constant disappointment. ]


Sometimes I think it’d be easier to feel nothing at all. But then I meet someone who, more or less, is emotionless.  I watch them envy me.  I watch them thirst for emotions the way I feel them, and I realize I don’t want that.

Then again,
I don’t think I know what the fuck I want with this anymore…

. .. .. …….

( “Truth be told- I’ve been here,
I’ve done this all before.” )

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