Please just forget my face… I’ll eradicate every memory of you. ( Oh, do you love this too? )

08.30.14 -1

Music/title: Strangerous; Miracles of Modern Science
_ _

It feels uncomfortable to miss you.


I go somewhere we used to explore together- I think of the moment we once shared, I remember how we used to be… And there it is again.  That longing for the friendship we used to have.

Part of me thinks it’d be okay if I tried to speak to you again.
[ Could I maybe swallow my gut instinct just this once..? ]
But then I remember the intensely crushing, hurtful feeling you left me standing with the last we spoke.
And I don’t. 

. .. . …..

“It hurts to know that all I may be left with is wondering everyday how you are doing, and never actually knowing.”

/ / /

The small, empty space of you is still inside me,
echoing in my everyday life.

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