09.27.14 [1/52] Take me out of your head, feed me luminol instead- Of your thoughts, of your skin.. ( I’m fine, I’m fine! )

Music/title: Luminol; Miracles of Modern Science
_ _

The time has finally come…

. . .. . ….

A piece of my life was once filled with photography.
It helped me grow, and become the person I am finally proud to say I am today.
Photography helped me realize that not only could I create things to share; that others would love, but that I could create goals- Actually keeping and enjoying them in the process.  There were many reasons I stopped after my goal was achieved, but I find myself once again feeling a similar void in my life..
That something is missing.

My days are going by too quickly to remember,
and I feel regret with every un-captured moment I let slip by.

So here I am.
Middle of the year.  52 weeks.  Day 1:

I always feel a self-portrait is in order for the first photo.
This, my wonderful and incredibly missed friends.. Is only the beginning of what’s in store.



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