11.08.14 [7/52] Someday our hearts are bound to be overthrown, and how is it that I.. Lost all of my faith in humankind?

Music/title: Kind; Eli August And The Abandoned Buildings
_ _

On one hand, I find myself wishing I had more free time in my day to day life.
On the other.. I really do enjoy the busy feeling of moving from one thing to the next.

I remember two years back, that’s all my life was.
Event after event after event..  It was never enough for me.

It always gave a sense of purpose.
As if to say, “Yes. I am absolutely living my life to the fullest!”

.. . . .

But it’s when taking these photos that I really feel alive. [ ..Snap ! ]
And that moment is forever etched into my life.  No other moment will ever be like that one..

/ / /


Eli August, the band, was and is quite amazing.  I had forgotten my camera at home, but managed to get one good shot with my phone.  I don’t know if you listen to the music I post with every entry, but I highly recommend this one.

Imagine a darker, more moody Mumford and Sons. ;]

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