12.13.14 [12/52] And I don’t know where we went wrong, All I know now is I got to do something right…

12.08.14 -0
Music/title: We Are the Few; Streetlight Manifesto
_ _

Isn’t it always the same….

. .. . . . .


Meet girl.  Attempt to be friends with girl.
Develop crush on girl.
Try not to ask if you can kiss said girl.
Fail at former.
Ruin friendship with girl.


There must be a reason I am constantly falling into this..
I suppose I’m not at the end, but it feels inevitable.  One can only assume I will get there in time.


/ / /

Late posting again, it would seem.  Holidays are awfully time consuming this year.
Oh, and there is this…..

12.13.14 -2


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