01.10.15 [16/52] And the circling is worth it; finding beauty in the dissonance…

Music/title: Schism; Tool
_ _


“I know the pieces fit.”

. .. . .


I think a person shouldn’t make me want to believe in a God; To believe in an afterlife..
But here we are..  Here I am.

I tell him I want to die first.  That I’m too scared of being alone.
I tell him I would be immortal with him- Immortal in a world where all I used to crave was death.
I tell him if he dies tomorrow, I would never love another the way I love him.
I tell him I am no longer complete without him.

But I do not believe in a God.
I do not believe in an afterlife. Or a ‘happy ever after’ past this mere mortality.
But in my mind we will live forever- Him and I, endlessly intertwined…

. .. . ..


Perhaps forever is a word we really can’t understand.


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