05.16.15 [34/52] Love is always the catalyst; You make music in my heart… (And I can’t stop it from happening)

05.16.15 -4
Music/title: Anti-Venom; Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker
_ _


“Could you not feel the urgency,
And insist there’s something more?”

. .. ….


There it is, once again..
Deep in the pit of my stomach- That restlessness; craving to be let go.
I hold the idea firmly in my hands, If only just a taste..
But, ‘The truth is always the anti-venom.’


..And I really can’t stop this from happening.


/ / /


Preference: Black & white, or color?

I often wonder what you’re thinking when you see this. But I know… I really know.
And half the time it’s why I follow through.

9 thoughts on “05.16.15 [34/52] Love is always the catalyst; You make music in my heart… (And I can’t stop it from happening)

    • Thank you for the opinion!
      I find it odd.. Everyone on here so far seems to prefer the color, whereas on my Flickr the black and white vastly out-won the hearts of the people. They say ‘It puts attention on the lines and shapes, which are perfect.’ As I stated the response to Sanders above, they both feel like completely separate photos to me.. The black and white more suitable to this post. There’s a place in my heart for each one, but I do enjoy knowing everyone’s opinion, as I sometimes do try to cater to my audience. ::smiles::

      And thanks for the fashion compliment!
      I do believe you’re, surprisingly, the first person to ever tell me so! :x

      Liked by 1 person

    • Desire.. Definitely a feeling of desire… To give? No, that’s not right.. To expose.. Ahh, yes.. To have everything taken.

      Yes. Must be something of the latter.
      An overpowering, overwhelming feeling to be everything, and nothing all at once.

      I desire this.

      Very much agreed.
      They are two completely separate photos in my mind.
      The black and white being something that was much better suited for my post. ::smiles::

      Liked by 1 person

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