And you’ll never know anyone now….

10.19.15 -1

Music/title: Fog; From Indian Lakes
_ _


“But if you get up now, you can try to survive.”

. . .. …


I would’ve given you anything in that moment-
Whatever you named, it was yours…

Holding your head in my lap, as I did a year ago…
I felt your tears streaming onto my skin-
My heart aching to watch you desperately cling to the boy inside.


You’re never really old enough to deal with these things.
….And I’m sorry you have to.


/ / /


The world was better than ever before, but, sadly, the darkness of reality has found us once again.  On top of the unchangeable life circumstances- My computer can barely edit a single photo.  So here’s to hoping that changes soon.. As I’ve never needed to write more than I do now.


I hope you all are well.
And I am sorry my world has been so silent.

11 thoughts on “And you’ll never know anyone now….

    • Hi there! ^-^

      Yes. It’s been a SUPER long time. Lol. I’ve been having blogging withdrawals! X]

      Thanks for the congrats!
      Just so you know, I have a zillion pictures and plan on posting a lot more as soon as I get a new computer. The current one I am attempting to use is ten years old and contains a dying fan and graphics card… <.<

      So you can imagine my struggle! Lol

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      • Hello there again. :)
        Blogging withdrawals, don’t we all?
        I think you have a rather good excuse, that you had to take care of marriage and all that stuff. :D
        You’re most welcome. :)

        Oh, no hurry. At your convenience, please. Since, you’re back, we can hope to get regular updates.
        Ten years old? Still using? I can’t keep a laptop for more than 3 years. 🙊


        • Haha. Of course, of course!
          I am in a hurry though! I wanna get some relaxing blogging in before I start another project. Lol. I’m contemplating another 52 week project. It feels rushed to start another one (which I’d like to do at the beginning of the year, if I am), but I know that a few months down the line I will get bored of myself. And I don’t want to get out of practice. ;P

          I actually plan on attempting to start a small shop to sell some select photos. Not sure how well it’ll go, but it’s something I definitely want to try. ^-^

          Sooo, that’s a project long in the making. I also have a rather giant mural I am in the middle of painting, working 45 hours every week, AND in the middle of an out-of-nowhere family crisis these past few days…. So I’m all over the place. -_-

          And yes. Same computer for ten years- I really just haven’t had the money for a replacement until now. I’m planning on shopping for one on cyber Monday. So here’s hoping that is resolved before the year is out. ^-^

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          • Yes, I could imagine.
            Wow, you are a multitasker, aren’t you? Before you reply, you are. Wait 52 weeks is a year long project! Amazing again. I mean All the best for it. :)

            You have a great collection of photos, I think it will do good, if you plan to start up that shop.

            Get out of here. :P How much work are you doing. Do you even sleep or rest ? I am like sleeping 20 hours a day and don’t do even one productive thing. And you are making me envious.

            Oh, I hope that crisis sorts of quickly.

            Neither do I. That’s my I ask my parents for it. -_- After 5 years of struggle, I get one. I think no more.

            Well, all the best for all the projects and shop and everything thats’ happening, I think I lost track of the things(there are so many things you are doing). :) :D
            Take Care. And yes, write whenever possible. :)


            • Hahah. Yes! I do seem to find myself with eyes bigger than my stomach lately. That said, I expect that now that the wedding has calmed down, I will actually be able to chew what I’m biting off. ;]

              I take that as a compliment about my future shop!
              I intend to really take my time with it- Start with just a few things. Things I know for a fact people love, and then expand more into the things I think they should love. ::smiles:: Hahaha. And yeah, I do sleep! And I find time for friends, cooking, and a husband on top of it! lol. I am a proactive-live-r. [make that make sense… <.<] I spent so many years locked up in that house, that I'm determined to make the best of everything I have now. ^_^ No need to be envious.. The only person stopping you is yourself! [well, most of the time- Sometimes it's a crazy parental figure.]

              Oh yeah- I'm very happy to say that as type I am currently beaming over a wonderfully beautiful computer my husband surprised me with for an early Christmas! That guy- knew I was sad and heartbroken over it. Knew my computer might not make it till the holidays… I'm beside myself! So, yes, you can expect many more things from me now. ;]

              Take care yourself, and happy holidays (if you're into that sort of thing!)


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              • Well, there is no hurry. You just take a bite at everything you had planned to do. :)
                Yes, it is. ;)
                Sounds like a great idea. Do keep us updated on the progress. :)

                Oh yeah, I can see that. You are hyper-proactive-r. :P


    • oHai there. ::smiles::
      Life is being a bit cruel at the moment (hence the post), but the wedding and honeymoon were everything I could ask for and more. So, it is what it is. I am alive. Which is half the battle. ;P

      I’m honored you think of me, and hope you are well yourself! ^-^


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