And she runs, and she waits… ( And I wait )

01.23.16 -1
Music/title: Tyler; The Toadies
_ _


“I will be with her tonight!”

. .. . ..


I thought I was so, so sure of it all..
Is it actually necessary to go through every single desire?
…Will this achieve my sense of self-fulfillment?

I’d like to think not….

. .. . ..

“I gave up that life for her.”

Maybe this is what he meant.
I thought finding someone to embrace that life was all that mattered…
And then I thought differently.   I thought I was wrong.


….I fucking hope I haven’t been right from the start.


/ / /

Click the above photo^^
The realistic grain gives it life.
Promise, promise.


2 thoughts on “And she runs, and she waits… ( And I wait )

  1. Isn’t this such a spectacular song? Doll Skin is another great one. It might fit your mood even better. You do a really good job tying in the lyrics to your writing. And your photography is spot on for the sense of mood you’re conveying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!! :D
      I noticed we do have some similar music tastes. This song was actually recommended to me by a coworker, and I’m rather fond of it. Definitely going to check out your recommendation!

      ::huge grin::
      That is usually my goal. Sometimes it works out better than others. So it’s always encouraging to hear I’ve still got it. ::smiles::

      Liked by 2 people

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