And now my body fades behind a brass charade… (And I’m obsolete)

03.07.15 -2 [reEDIT]
Music/title: Giving Up The Gun; Vampire Weekend
_ _


“My ears are blown to bits from all the rifle hits,
But still I crave that sound.”

. .. .. .


Sometimes I just need to post, even if I have nothing to say…

6 thoughts on “And now my body fades behind a brass charade… (And I’m obsolete)

  1. Hiya Gorgeous! When I have nothing to say, I write, and then I post it on my blog and inflict it on others. :)

    So, I had dinner with a friend last night and she was throwing all sorts of things into a pot. I asked her if she was cooking dinner or trying to summon a demon. Somehow, I think we’ll both be relieved to eat out after that.

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    • Hah! Understood completely. ::smiles::

      Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Lots of newly found health issues, combined with a ridiculous work schedule. I truly do miss it here.. My chest just aches to think about all the photo opportunities and posts I am missing out on. ::sigh:: …Soon, I’ll be back.. I hope.


  2. I love the vulnerability exposed with the selectively chipped nail polish.
    The empty chair in the background also provides an existentialist suggestion of absence and unfulfilled promise. Or have I just got too heavy a dose of sun today?

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    • ::smiles:: ..Is it still considered too much sun if it fits, but was entirely unintentional at the time of taking?

      I am in odd sorts this past week. I feel empty.
      And though this photo was over a year ago, it fits perfectly the void I currently hold.

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