And your compliments look good on me… (But no one knows you better)

Music/title: Say My Name (feat. Zyra); ODESZA
_ _


This is my obsession.

. … ..


I watch your thirst for violence, and I wonder what it feels like…
Would the same ‘goodness’ be felt that most achieve when experiencing compassion?
What would it mean if you were ever to feel such a release?

A part of me wants to give it you.

I just imagine the sheer comfort you would feel within the grasp of pure torture,
And it pulls at my heart strings….


This is my insanity,


…Or perhaps I am just as evil as you.


/ / /


I have finished reading American Psycho.
As well as editing the Honeymoon photography below. This is an old self portrait. And this has happened more than once lately. I am in desperate need of something, I just can’t quite figure out what…

4 thoughts on “And your compliments look good on me… (But no one knows you better)

  1. It’s possible you might look back enviously in another 20 years at that impressively flat stomach of yours.
    At least you have the pictures now to say “Yes, I looked that way.”
    If that sounds slightly pessimistic, it’s not meant to.
    It’s just you never can quite tell how a person will age.
    Maybe Rachel Welsh is on to something with her ‘disrupting ageing’ concept?

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    • You really can’t tell how someone is going to look. Looking at their parents is a start, but so much is dependent on how a person takes care of themselves and the events that occur throughout their lifetime.

      It does sadden me a bit to have such bad/unchangeable health issues so early in life- Right as I was truly feeling comfortable in my own skin, the world dishes me a whole new level of setbacks.

      But I try to make the best of what I have.
      Is it strange/petty/shallow to say that I don’t think I’m ugly by any means, but that I feel I could be *so* much more if I didn’t currently have a multitude unchangeable things holding me back?

      Hmmm. To finish my ramblings,
      It is also quite possible that perhaps life is trying to knock me down a notch from feeling unstoppable in desirability. lol.


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