Oh, these soft legged girls, and hard faced boys…. (Do you wish to feel complete?)

Music/title: We Are The Sound; Alexisonfire
_ _


“Say you want it, you need it.”

. ..

If only my heart could harden to match yours.

Perhaps you saw the coldness inside of me first-
Why do I feel such a compulsion to watch you at your best?

Perhaps I am still trying to outdo the darkness living inside..
Something to truly brings me to my knees.

. .

Isn’t that all I ever want?
To serve?
To be your slave?

Through sickness,
Through their death.

. . 

I don’t know who I am anymore.

/ / /


The fog beckoned.

5 thoughts on “Oh, these soft legged girls, and hard faced boys…. (Do you wish to feel complete?)

  1. ZEEBAM!!!! lol it’s eric and I wanted to let you know that I’ve moved my blog off WordPress to expand it just a bit and so to continue to be notified of and see new posts you’ll have to go to http://www.batmantravels.com and enter your email through the email subscriber.

    I hope it’s not an inconvenience and if it is I apologize.

    You can find the email subscriber in the main menu under “Follow this Blog”.

    I promise it’ll be worth it cuz as you know I’m full of adventures and all of your dreams will come true and why would you want to miss out on your dreams? :)

    Thank you so much and I really do hope you’ll come over, subscribe, and re-follow! Thank you!


    • ERIC!! haha.
      Hi there! I’m sad you moved, but I completely understand! lol. Sometimes certain formats just don’t cut it anymore. ::smiles:: I would love to subscribe, and I went to your site- But for some reason it’s giving me an error when I try to sign up? I tried a few times, but I’ll try again a different day. Could just be something wonky with my computer. :P

      And yes! Of course you’re worth it! :D
      What platform/site did you switch to? Is it WordPress.org, or something else? ..I’m always curious about these things. There are some things I don’t care for about WordPress.com, however I spent a near MONTH customizing the html for this particular site, so I have a soft spot for it. lol.

      Does this also mean that you won’t be able to see my posts since you moved? I know I have the option to sign up my email (I believe on my sidebar), but I’m not sure if you already are signed up or not. ANYWAY. I will keep trying, and I’ll roam over regardless I’m sure! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Are u serious? It’s giving u an error when u put your email in? Mmmm maybe you had already input it before maybe? And yeah I’ll still be able to see your new stuff on reader. I moved the site over to Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a badass free website building and training platform where you learn all the ins and outs to get high traffic and on the front of google searches the right way. I found it and you can have 50 domains on it and I was like holy crap I’m gonna create some sites! Lol here’s the link https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/?a_aid=d1820be6 you should check it out if you wanna get big traffic to your site.


        • ERIC! (shouting understandable- quite fun!!)
          I got it to work after you fixed it! I should be subscribed now! ^_^ Are you subscribed to my WordPress by email already? I should have a link in like almost the same spot on my blog if not! 50 domains is definitely a big plus, but I’ve honestly been so swamped with work I’m finding very little time for my creative works right now. :P Hopefully, sometime in the somewhat relative future I can maybe stop working so much and be more active on here!

          Thanks for the tips and for stopping by! I’ll be seeing you around! ^_^

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