01.27.18 [4/52] ‘Cause we could hold our sights so close, or we could chase our heroes… (And I’ve been here before)

Music/title: Caviar Dreams; Al Bairre (Feat. PHFat)
_ _


“Lead me through your harmony;
We’ll sew this so your soul can breathe…”

.. .. .


It surely is a dream.
Nothing could feel this good.


For the first time in my life it doesn’t hurt.
I’m not inflamed.
It doesn’t itch. Or feel dry.
My skin isn’t covered in sores and blisters from my moments of weakness.
For the first time in my life I feel human.

To think, an eleven year old changed my life.
..What were you doing at eleven?

If you’d told me 15 years ago that I’d have this level of peace with my disease,
I’d say you were fucking nuts.


I wish I could meet Lani Lazzari,
If only to fully explain the life-changing-impact her invention has had on me.


My skin can feel like home.

/ / /


I don’t normally make such candid posts, but this is something so profoundly important to me I truly want everyone to know it exists.

If *anyone* you know is suffering from eczema, psoriasis, or extremely dry skin issues please recommend Simple Sugars to them. It’s unlike ANYTHING else in the market for these conditions, and anyone that has suffered as I have with the endless prescriptions, lotions, and useless doctor recommendations their entire life needs to try this.

My eczema is severe, covers my entire body, and the most sensitive part is my face.
I’ve suffered from inflammation, extreme dryness, open wounds, infinite itching- It has even gotten to the point a few times that I’ve had to wrap my arms in gauze to keep sores covered and deter myself from scratching.

I’ve never been able to find a product that works, and I even became dependent on steroid creams at times.

I put some Simple Sugars on the open sores on my hands three days ago, and I tell you I have never felt such instant relief before in my life.

Today there are almost no remnants that it was ever there to begin with.


Perhaps none of you care.
( Feel free to come back next week for a normal post. )
I …I just.. can’t explain the emotions I’m experiencing because of this product.

And I just need you to know.


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