About A Girl

[ Why worry? It will work out or it won't. In the meantime, 
It will be wonderfully, breathtakingly, horribly, terribly beautiful. 
Dive in. Dive in deep. Don't look back. ]


This is my photography.
These are my thoughts and my emotions captured in a photo, then poured out into words.
This is my life. It’s more for me than anyone else…



“I sometimes wonder if I’m thinking appropriately such that those around me will see me the way I wish to be seen.”


~ ~ ~


I am 20ish. Female.
I am bubbly. Easily excited. I adore cephalopods.
I greatly enjoy gauging people based off their reactions to my childhood,
Among many other questionable, and mildly disturbing things..
But that’s not why you’re here.


Why are you here?
My photography? ..My writings?
Some of you, I imagine, are here purely for the way I look.
(That’s all perfectly okay.)

Want more?

Then comment. Subscribe. “Like” any and every single one of my posts if you wish,
And I promise it’ll only fuel me to create more.

. .. . ..

Whatever your reason for viewing my work, I do hope you take something away from it all.
Because my life was, and still is anything but ordinary…


And what fun would this journey be alone?


~ ZeeBam


45 thoughts on “About A Girl

    • Awww. Thank you so much!
      I really appreciate any and all comments! A lot of it truly does take a long time to create, since both photography and writing are my own. ^-^

      I think I’ve always naturally navigated towards the vague writing style- something I felt could speak to anyone. Almost everything I write is about a personal experience of mine, and Ive always wanted to connect with others, regardless of what I was going though at the time. ::smiles::

      Feel free to comment on anything of mine, old or new if you’re curious about a more in depth perspective or explanation of any of my work! And thanks for the subscription!



  1. Your blog is well put together. I like the vagueness of the writing in each entry knowing at the same time that they have a very specific meaning to you. I hope you keep your head up even when your posts sound melancholy. Thanks again for all your likes and comments on my blog.

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    • ::beams::
      Why thank you!!
      And yes, you’re most definitely right. They all do have a very specific meaning to me. ^-^

      I did a post a while back very similar to your writing style, which is part of what drew me to you: https://zeebam.com/tag/60-words/

      Don’t worry, despite my often depressing posts I’m actually not doing too bad at the moment. ::smiles::

      And you’re very welcome, of course!

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    • oHai there! ^_^

      I’m glad you like it! I’ve worked so hard and put so much time into this! I’ve been slacking with getting every post up there on time each week, but that’s only because of my wedding in October… Once that is over and done with, things will be more regular, and normal. Promise, promise! ::smiles::

      And, because I’m curious in nature, how did you happen to stumble upon me? :]

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    • ::huge grin:: …Annnnd there’s my word-infused morning coffee. Thank you, good Sir, for putting a smile on my face, and adding fuel to my ever growing, passion filled fire. I imagine we’ll be seeing much more of each other around here- Something I greatly look forward to. ::smiles::

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    • ::beams:: Thank you!
      I was thinking about starting to sell some prints of my photography on etsy as well, but I dunno how they’d sell. I’d start with nature and abstract things, as I imagine most people don’t want self portraits of someone else. Lol


      • well have you thought about looking into selling at galleries and coffee shops? The Phoenix Cafe is still owned my Wiggins and it is a gallery. Also that coffee shop we met at last time I saw you do artist shows and sell work on consignment. At least that way you can get a vibe of what they are going for and what people think.

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        • Never thought about that! I feel too shy to sell things in person. X]
          I get a weird kind of embarrassed when people in my real life comment on my photography.. Idk. It’s a strange thing. I can’t picture myself selling it in person, but maybe! ^_^

          I know I really get the most compliments on my “Destination: Beautiful” collection, which is mostly nature. So if anything, I’d start with some of that. ::smiles::

          And Wiggins loves me and would probably love to help sell my stuff if I wanted. Lol

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  2. I came here by “accident” but now I feel I’ve been walking towards here all this time. You photographs are nice, grand even…but your WORDS. I think they speak to me more than I can express at the moment. They answer some of the calls, the cries, I hear bouncing around in my own head. Thank you for sharing, I’ll be hanging around a bit if that’s okay!

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    • Why, hello there! ::smiles::

      I must say, I have quite enjoyed all the comments and roaming around you’ve done on my site. Nothing is more flattering than having another person express their love for something you’ve put such dedication and hard work into. I haven’t had someone tell me my words meant so much to them in so long. Hell, it’s the reason I even made this site to begin with- Because I felt they were ignored on my Flickr. I felt no one truly appreciated the things I had to say, but instead just felt they went nicely with the grand photos… But you, my good Sir, have quite made my day.

      As stated above, this is site is more for me than anyone else. But damn if it doesn’t feel good when someone else thrives from it! I hope to be seeing around more. I would appreciate any and all comments on any work of mine you ever enjoy, and I’ve followed your blog back in hopes to see you there as well! ^_^

      Hope your weekend is well,

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    • Hi there! ::beams::

      First off, thank you! That is very wonderful comment to get, and I must say I’m quite flattered. ::smilesbig::
      Secondly, I’m not really sure where my inspiration came from. As a kid I cared very little for material things. So much to the point that my own mother found it rather difficult to ground me, for I expressed extreme lack of caring to this. lol. Then for my 16th birthday my grandparents asked what I wanted, and for whatever reason the only think I could think of was a camera. So I suppose that’s where the idea for photography came from, but you asked what inspired me.

      Now that- That is a whole other matter all on it’s own.
      For you see, I used to take nude photos and rather enjoyed ‘showing off’ online and the like. But I really didn’t like fully nude photos. I found myself spending a lot of time leaving more clothes on than taking them off, and experimenting with just how sexy and beautiful I could look without really showing anything. And then somewhere along the line, I discovered that I really just loved photos in general. And from that grew my first, and failed, attempt at a 365 project. And then my second, fully completed, attempt that really, I feel, is what made my photography grow and become the wonderful thing it is today.

      There’s just something about being forced to take a photo every single day for a year with a piece of crap Kodak your grandparents got you for your 16th birthday that challenges you to not only step outside the box, but… Really, create a whole other box entirely. ::smiles::


  3. You have a beautiful blog!
    There’s a lot that can be said about this page!
    Worrying for me is just a waste of time as it just steals your happiness..!
    Coming on the right side of the page, a picture and thought is quoted. I think everyone should be their own self because people will look for what they want to see either faults or kindness.
    You are lucky enough to live the life you’re living, it’s ordinary..! Many people are just praying to live the life you’re living right now.
    Wish you happy blogging.. :)

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    • Awww… Thank you!!
      I spent a lot of time on, well.. Pretty much everything on here. And you’re absolutely right! My blog is for me, but I do honestly want people to read and take away something from it. Whether it’s advice, admiration for photography, or to simply realize that you are not alone.. That someone else in this world is having the same, dark thoughts as you. And that it is and WILL be okay.

      I imagine people read my blog the same way that they read books.. To put yourself in another person’s world.
      To experience what it’s like to be in their shoes from the safety of your own home.

      I know that’s what I look for when reading other work.
      Anyway, I really, really enjoyed your comment and appreciate the time you took to come browse around my blog.
      I’ve added you, so I can more easily jump in your shoes.


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