4 thoughts on “12.21.14 -11

    • Ahhhh. Strangely enough, I *thought* that’s what you meant. But then I thought it wasn’t on my flickr, so I ruled it out. X]

      You seem to love your lines. Good to know. ::smiles::


      • If it’s symmetrical and interesting it drags me in. Good steampunk blows me away and I like edgy, too. Nearly 3,000 images in my screensaver and no sparkly gifs, spangled unicorns, or weepy 1950s down-on-the-farm tear-jerkers. Even my teddy bear is hardcore. He has one eye, battle scars from beating cats, and his name is I’ll-tear-your-fucking-heart-out-if-you-don’t-give-me-a-cuddle-right-now-you-fucker. Yeah, I know. It’s a mouthful but she likes it and I got sick of sleeping with one eye open.


        • OH! I actually used to go to steampunk events every other month or so a few years back! The local events have since changed, and I rarely have time anymore.. But I go when I get the chance still. My girlfriend from a few years ago actually introduced me to the scene. ^_^

          And I can’t imagine a teddy bear any other way. ::smiles::


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