Oh, these soft legged girls, and hard faced boys…. (Do you wish to feel complete?)

Music/title: We Are The Sound; Alexisonfire
_ _


“Say you want it, you need it.”

. ..

If only my heart could harden to match yours.

Perhaps you saw the coldness inside of me first-
Why do I feel such a compulsion to watch you at your best?

Perhaps I am still trying to outdo the darkness living inside..
Something to truly brings me to my knees.

. .

Isn’t that all I ever want?
To serve?
To be your slave?

Through sickness,
Through their death.

. . 

I don’t know who I am anymore.

/ / /

There is nothing but anger burning inside of me..

Look around, look around.. There’s no affection, only infection. ( Can I depend on you to surrender? )

05.17.14 -5

Music/title: We Are The End; Alexisonfire
_ _


You were too successful in the tasks we gave you.
We weren’t expecting these kinds of results.

What’s that? ..Had you done more poorly?
Oh. Well, you’d be paid more and having to work about half as hard.

. . .. .


You should really stop that overachieving thing.
It’s kind of getting in the way.


/ / /


Losing over twenty grand in one day is a bit much, even for me.
Being mad doesn’t even really begin to cut this…