12.20.14 [13/52] She makes the sound, the sound the sea makes to calm me down.. ( I’m tired now )

Music/title: Dissolve Me; Alt-J (∆)
_ _


“You’re really good at this.
Verrrrry good.”

. .. .. .

To feel I have not only accomplished something in my life, but… ‘to feel good at something.’
That is a rare form in which I find myself.  Today, however….

12.20.14 -0

“I look at that picture and it accentuates things that normal pictures don’t…. It is very solemn and it makes me feel almost like the sad parts of me are showing through in that picture…. And that’s something I try to keep hidden from everyone. 
I’m surprised at how deep it actually goes…..”



I hope she does truly know how beautiful she is.
Sadness, and all that accompanies…


/ / /


And pulse to pulse, now shush..