10.18.14 [4/52] And as I stared I counted webs from all the spiders, catching things and eating their insides.. ( Stop this pain tonight. )

Music/title: I Miss You; Blink 182
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Is this always the way…
Is it always this ‘happy ending’ ?

. .. . . .

I’m so afraid that the moment I begin to feel comfortable with my happiness something is going to come along and snatch it away.  Like I’m not meant to have it.  Or meant to feel good in my life.

I suppose that comes from a childhood of mental torture.
But sometimes.. I still feel that tiny prickling in the back of my mind..

‘Don’t get too comfortable.. You had to know it couldn’t last forever..’


Everyone is always talking about finding happiness…
But why does no one ever mention how hard it can be to accept once it’s been found?


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