01.20.18 [3/52] And all we ever wanted was sunlight and honesty- Highlights to wanna repeat.. But this is how it goes; The end credits—they roll.. (This bridge was built over kerosene)

Music/title: End Credits; EDEN
_ _


“Cause happy endings hardest to fake.”

. . ….


It didn’t sting nearly as much this time..
[ We did her a favor, really. ]

The colder it gets, the easier it becomes-
But you’d never guess.

– –

I’ll bet you think I don’t have a heartless bone in my body.


That’s where you’d be wrong.

/ / /

So let’s run..

08.22.15 [48/52] Do you recall, not long ago- We would walk on the sidewalk… (Innocent, remember?)

08.22.15Music/title: Lean On (Major Lazer x DJ Snake feat. MØ cover); Miracles of Modern Science
_ _


“We would only hold on to let go.”

. .. . …


[ Was it comfortable?
…Did you revel in the slight attempt of self destruction? ]

 . . .

I wonder- Am I merely a fake?
Like everyone else- Only after my own gratification?
I used to watch you pass by; judging so harshly the perfect sphere you found yourself within..


Hurting others for my own self fulfillment.
…How much better could I truly be?

/ / /

Blow a kiss, fire a gun…

03.14.15 [25/52] Take your time, and I won’t ask why… (You don’t have to be anyone)

Music/title: Fog; From Indian Lakes
_ _


“This is what I imagine the exact opposite of dying to feel like.”


. . ….


[ I fucking love this.  Is this what you feel all the time?? ]

“No, but it is a good feeling.”

[ I almost didn’t go there.  I was so nervous.. I thought of every excuse as to why I couldn’t.  When, in reality, I was simply scared-  Scared to step outside my comfort zone.  Scared to put myself out there… To face disappointment. ]


“My policy is-
Punch your comfort zone in the face.”


/ / /

“You’re now stuck with that feeling forever..”

She’s a ten- I’m a joke in my own mind, but she still loves to dance with my punch lines..

Music/title: Not Your Fault; Awolnation
_ _
I’ve never quite felt this way before.
It’s the same, but it’s different.
It’s more than just ‘I love you’ or ‘I really like you’..
I fucking want this.
More than anything I’ve ever wanted.
Falling in love with my best friend is possibly the best and potentially worst thing that’s ever happened to me.
I feel good about this..


04.16.12 [111] Can we create something beautiful and destroy it? This is my imagination.

Music/title: Disasterology; Pierce the Veil
_ _
I’m analyzing every little bit of it, trying to find just exactly where we stopped working. I should be working on fixing myself. I think about these things, and it occurs to me… He doesn’t want me? Hell, he doesn’t deserve me. I can be greater than this. I am better than this, and he’ll regret ever not wanting me.
“Ladies and gentlemen,
I introduce the selfish machine.”

/ / /
Photo taken at DOW Gardens with my good friend, Blake. We escaped from our lives and submersed ourselves in wilderness with as many cameras as we could carry. ♥