“Take me again,” she said, thinking of him. And now and again she’s afraid when the sun returns..

12.19.13 -2
Music/title: Swans and The Swimming; Iron & Wine
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We will always go back to those days. The days when we were just friends. When things were beyond complicated. We’ll be eighty years old yelling at each other about who should’ve done what, and why one did the other. I’ll never forget the first time I kissed him. We had both stayed up to the point of exhaustion again. I could feel his desire for me clinging to my skin from across the room. The way he looked at me…. My god. It was as if someone had the lit the room on fire, but he was blind to it. He could feel the heat and knew there would be relief, if only he could get closer to me…
I pulled away from our hug goodbye, staring up into those wanting eyes.
I didn’t want him to go. And I could see that neither did he. I could smell him. I could feel him.
A thousand times over his body screamed how it wanted me.
[ Arden…. I really want to kiss you. ]
That was all it took.
I remember his body shaking.
I remember the kiss was not what I had expected.
…Like he’d never kissed anyone before.
He pulled back, with a look of bliss and confusion slapped across his face.
I stood there for a moment, thinking about it.
[ No. That’s not right. We need to do that again. ]
I pressed my body into him.
I pressed my lips soft and hard back against his.
I made him feel my desire for him in that very moment.
And he threw everything he had back at me..
.. . ..
I s’pose you could say this was the start of it all..
But how do we know when anything really begins?