Tell me I’m the only one; Like I didn’t know.. ( Oh. Show. ) Tell me I’m the one that I can call… Even if you choke.

Music/title: Papi Pacify; FKA Twigs
_ _

“Material objects won’t fuck me over like living things….”

. … ..


The inability to trust, our insecurities.. My self destruction, it all boils down to the events in our childhood.  These things and these people we are around are forever shaping our lives..

I wish I could tell you it’ll be okay.
I wish you were smart enough to push yourself like I have.
I wish you could fix all the things that are pulling you down,
But I know you won’t. I know you don’t care.
And I know you haven’t cared for ten years now..


One day I will wake up. And you’ll be dead.
And I will lose the one person on this whole planet who knows what it felt like to grow up locked in that fucking house.  I will no longer have a bond with someone who knew what it was to live with that horrible, disgusting disgrace of a person we called ‘mom’.

One day I will lose you, and all I will think of is this past summer..
That look of betrayal on your face of….

“Why did you leave….?”
Because to survive- I simply had no choice.

.. .. . .

I’m sorry you will never get out.
I’m sorry you never trust, or feel love for another person.


…I’m sorry you will never even care to try.