I walked into the room dripping, in gold…. ( Can’t you want m-m-me? )

Music/title: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix); Flight Facilities
_ _

Part of me considered going to see her.

Not to speak with her, but just to see her. To watch her weak, pathetic self rotting away in that lifeless mental institution. Part of me hoped I’d feel a sense of satisfaction, maybe even closure…
But I know better.

She will always be there, sitting in the back of my mind-
Grasping what little anger I contain within myself. And it will always be pure bliss imaging how it would be to break her every fiber… To feel my mother’s flesh soften beneath my tiny fists… God, how sweet it would be…

But I know better.

This wouldn’t give me closure.
There is no closure for me.

And there never will be…