And the- And the smile it just, floats away.. (As if the world is satisfied when night turns into day)

Music/title: Waves; Electric Guest
_ _


“Oh, my mind, is all
Washed away, all away.”

. . .


More uneventful than most birthdays, I would say.
Yet, with the right company-
One of the best…….


Dear Arden,

I love you.
I’d take a gluten free snack adventure over gifts any day.

Bunches of love,


/ / /

And always such a pretty thing..

02.21.15 [22/52] And now I wonder if it’s meant to be- Desolation, tragedy… (Is there nothing good in me?)

02.22.15 -0
Music/title: Release; Imagine Dragons
_ _


“A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.”

. .. . .


I wonder if this is the height of it all?
I feel I’ve been here before..  Everything so perfect and in it’s place-  A calm before the storm.
I can feel the entropy taking over again…


I need to get this air out of my lungs.


/ / /

Oh, let me have release…