Live wide awake (yeah), am I a stranger? Just all alone.. (Addicted to my other self)

Music/title: Good Morning; Grouplove
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“And I can’t tell.”

. . ..


I’ll never understand other women.
I’m just trying to be a manager, buy a house- be an adult
And they are just a bunch of dramatic bitches cry babies.

You’ll never get anywhere in life, if you don’t grow a fucking pair. Christ.


Ranting aside, yes!
I am buying a house. Or at least in the process of doing so.

We are beyond excited. We’ve been looking since January, and it’s picture perfect. Literally- I’m going to take a million pictures, because the house is a piece of fucking art. GAH.

The floors…



…Just you wait and see.

/ / /

p.s. A late 2016 selfie treat. ::smiles::

11.22.14 [9/52] Swim, swim, swim… And I can’t understand what I’m after.

Music/title: Shark Attack; Grouplove
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Where’s the line?

Appropriate, inappropriate…  What’s the real difference?
What makes you uncomfortable?
I can tell you I’m comfortable with a lot more than most will ever be.
.. . . .. .

I should’ve known months ago what I was getting myself into.
And what I couldn’t get myself away from...

/ / /

And that’s just what I believe in