11.29.14 [10/52] And I was only just starting, but you can’t be close enough unless I’m feeling your heart beat..

Music/title: All of Your Love; Hellogoodbye
_ _

We never really know what we’re looking for.

. .. . ..

“We want what we can’t have.” ….It’s possible that’s true.
Still, I’ve been more content that I ever thought I’d be.  And here we are. 

Sometimes I worry that little switch will flip in my head.  That I’ll feel discontent and unhappy all over again.  And then I’ll be right back at the beginning.

.. . . .. . .

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Bettina?”

To be loved.
Loved people are never alone..

/ / /

For every inch we get we need a mile more..