12.27.14 [14/52] She said, “Paint a picture on me, throw your dress up, and your heart away.”

12.21.14 -8
Music/title: Besitos; Pierce the Veil
_ _


“I felt like destroying something beautiful.”

. .. . . ..

What is it really?

Is it this body? [ You tell me I’m beautiful, therefor I must be. ]
What about this photo? ..Is this what beauty looks like? [ I think it’s beautiful, therefor it must be. ]
Sometimes I get the urge to bite into flesh until I taste the blood on my lips.


Now that.

..Wouldn’t that be beautiful.

/ / /

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the selfish machine.

12.13.14 [12/52] And I don’t know where we went wrong, All I know now is I got to do something right…

12.08.14 -0
Music/title: We Are the Few; Streetlight Manifesto
_ _

Isn’t it always the same….

. .. . . . .


Meet girl.  Attempt to be friends with girl.
Develop crush on girl.
Try not to ask if you can kiss said girl.
Fail at former.
Ruin friendship with girl.


There must be a reason I am constantly falling into this..
I suppose I’m not at the end, but it feels inevitable.  One can only assume I will get there in time.


/ / /

I wrote you this letter, because we miss you here in hell.

11.29.14 [10/52] And I was only just starting, but you can’t be close enough unless I’m feeling your heart beat..

Music/title: All of Your Love; Hellogoodbye
_ _

We never really know what we’re looking for.

. .. . ..

“We want what we can’t have.” ….It’s possible that’s true.
Still, I’ve been more content that I ever thought I’d be.  And here we are. 

Sometimes I worry that little switch will flip in my head.  That I’ll feel discontent and unhappy all over again.  And then I’ll be right back at the beginning.

.. . . .. . .

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Bettina?”

To be loved.
Loved people are never alone..

/ / /

For every inch we get we need a mile more..