10.04.14 [2/52] Someday the grapes will be wine; Someday you will be mine… And so the story goes On’N’On..

09.28.14 -6
Music/title: On’N’On; Justice
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Second week, and I’m already delving into my dirty little love of black and white..

Of course, there’s a color version of this as well. 
And in that you can actually tell that the wonderfully talented, Jesse Augustine, is, in fact, posing as Hipster Link from The Legend of Zelda… BUT THIS ONE IS BLACK AND WHITE. And beautiful.
And I couldn’t help myself.

Welcome to week two, my lovely followers.
Many, many more to come..

::huge grin::

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Jesse Augustine can be found here: http://jesaugustine.portfoliobox.me/
Color, along with the rest of this week’s photos can be found here: https://zeebam.com/photography2014/