05.23.15 [35/52] Can you save, Can you save my… Can you save my heavy dirty soul? (For me, for me, oh)

Music/title: Heavydirtysoul; Twenty One Pilots
_ _


Isn’t it always this way?

. .. . ..


Most of the time it blends together.
Each session running into the next- But this… This time..
God, to be in that moment again..

Your nails digging unforgivingly into my hips,
My own body completely crushed beneath the weight of you-
Convulsion, after convulsion, after convulsion,
It’s always this way..


And I am never more complete, when completely without control.

/ / /

Oh, oh, I’m falling..

12.06.14 [11/52] I’m drowning in a sea of blame. Heart beats the microscope, keeping me away.. La-la-la-la-la-la

Music/title: Shipwreck; Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker
_ _


“Might be time to cut off the arm..”

.. .. . ..


Sometimes you think that what you’re doing is right.
It feels right, it looks right… Everything about it is exactly what it should be.

But then you feel the small, prickling sensation crawling up the back of your spine…

It’s only then that you realize how truly fucked you’ve become.

/ / /

One step is closer than none..