[03/05] And I’m gonna have to learn that this love will never be convenient, convenient… (Oh, convenient)

06.09.16 -2
Music/title: Tattooed Tears; The Front Bottoms
_ _


I hear her whisper,
“All I want is to want nothing.”

.. . ..


You wanted me to want it for so long.
Your dream- Your idea of ‘perfect beauty’ all wrapped up in a singular, well-formed package.
And then suddenly the dream is a forced reality.
And my formerly structured self perspective falls to pieces within my own hands.

You say, “No, that’s not right.”
It wasn’t supposed to happen this way…
Yeah, well-

“You can’t teach God anything.”



And I can’t tell you the reality brings my confidence to tears….

/ / /

There is no music when we kiss…

And something slow has started in me…

02.22.15 -1
Music/title: Love Dog; TV on the Radio
_ _


“Patience is a virtue,
Until it’s silence burns you.”

. .. . …


I thought this was supposed to make you happier?
What happened to the ‘if only I could go back’ and ‘what if’s?

Oh, just look at you-
On the outside, sure.. You’re fucking beautiful.
You’re perfect.  You’re what everyone on this planet strives to be!

Oh, but those insides, love..


…Just look at how beautifully you’re rotting away.