10.11.14 [3/52] It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? ( It was only a kiss, It was only a kiss.. )

Music/title: Mr. Brightside; The Killers
_ _

[ What if I had never come for you? ]

“Then I would’ve been sad..”

.. . .. . . .

It was all for me.  It has always been for me..
Every single thing he does, and has ever done has been this way.

Dating her- Purely to get my attention. 
To get me to open my eyes and look past our ‘..just friends’
To look at what could be, instead of simply what was..

A part of me wishes it had been different. 
Wishes I had only seen this sooner.
But the rest of me knows.. It needed to be this way. 
Everything happened the only way it could.
And now, to think of what it’s become.. My god, was it worth everything.

I would do it all again.
I’d lock myself in that horrible house.
I’d live all those years buried in loneliness and depression-
All if it mean to be exactly where I am right now.
Because right now, in this very moment…

This is what I’ve been living for.