I’ve got this poison running deep in my mind, my mind.. (I know you think it’s alright)

Music/title: Wasted On You (feat. ROZES); Louis Futon
_ _


“I’m wasted on you.”

. . … .. …..


Liberating doesn’t begin to cover it.
A twinge of denial, maybe.
I still can’t believe it all. Everything seems so surreal in our lives.

Did you plan this from the start?


A part of me believes I had nothing to do with it. That it was all thanks to others. The bad parts of my mind attempt to latch on- hopes of some form of sabotage..


..the other side.
The part that has drug me through all the blood and tears… That part is proud.
Look at how far you’ve come. ..Look at what you’ve done for yourself..

Aren’t you so happy now?


If I ever believed in a God,
now would be the time to thank him.

/ / /

We keep it going just like we always do, we do..

11.22.14 [9/52] Swim, swim, swim… And I can’t understand what I’m after.

Music/title: Shark Attack; Grouplove
_ _

Where’s the line?

Appropriate, inappropriate…  What’s the real difference?
What makes you uncomfortable?
I can tell you I’m comfortable with a lot more than most will ever be.
.. . . .. .

I should’ve known months ago what I was getting myself into.
And what I couldn’t get myself away from...

/ / /

And that’s just what I believe in